How to Survive While Building a Business

Ever wanted to quit your job and start your own business? Or just wished you could make extra money or have some money while building a business.

Starting a business and having a full time job is a little tough. There’s a whole saying about not working 9-5 for someone else and coming home saying you’re tired, you’re just uninspired.

Wait let me find that quote.
That might be true for some but working and traveling for 14+ hrs leaves time for absolutely nothing. Especially if you have pets and you’re attempting to exercise and be fit. Though some people could run on no sleep I need it for my health and sanity.

Anyways after I got let go from my last job. You may have seen me post about this on Instagram. I was determined to not work full-time for anyone again. I set out looking for part-time employment, and ways to make money for myself.

So if you’re trying to start a business, and you need time and your sanity these options to make money may work for you. I have tried many things but I will only give you the options that worked for me and others close to me.

These won’t require that you have a blog, but some may require social media accounts.

  1. Izea – You can share social posts to your, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you do have a blog you can bid on posts and make money too.
  2. Quantum Sponsor – They require Instagram, there’s no bidding and playing the waiting game, when an opportunity shows up, you accept, save the picture, copy the text, post it on Instagram, verify and wait 7 days to get your money.
  3. Self Employment Assistance – Depending on where you are located look into self employment assistance. In NY this allows you to work only on your business, you’ll be required to meet with an advisor and a few other non tedious activities.
  4. Part-Time Employment – getting a part time job allows you time to work on your business. If it’s remote, even better.
  5. Sell your skills through Freelance Websites and get hired for your skills. If this is related to your business you can start building up your clientele.

There are other ways to make money. But it’s mainly blogging related and there are a bunch of those out there. But If you want a list of things I have used to make money blogging, comment and let me know.

Disclaimer: The Izea Link is a Referral link compensated or rewarded in some way if you signed up. However all of my recommendations are honest



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