6 Signs Your Co-workers Dislike You

In our non-professional lives, it is much easier to remove ourselves from relationships with people who do not like us. However, at work being disliked is not that simple. Well, we need to make money that’s why we’re there anyway.

Most coworkers do not show their hatred for you directly. Here are some signs your co-workers dislike you:

  1. You don’t get invited to social events. You don’t get invited to happy hour, lunches and other events and out of work social gatherings. This may be a sign they don’t like you and would rather not deal with you outside of work. 
  2. They email you vs having in-person conversations though they are close by. This is their way of keeping their distance. 
  3. They partake in gossip about you. They definitely feed the rumor mill
  4. They steal credit for your ideas. They go out their way to take the spotlight off of you. They even downplay and discredit your ideas.
  5. They never include in office humor. They never joke with you, you’re not in the inner circle of bantering either. This is a sign they think poorly of you, they think you’re stuck up and the jokes may even be about you.
  6. You’re always in trouble. You get thrown under the bus constantly. They tattle on you for the smallest infractions. 

Did any of these signs make you think a specific coworker or some coworkers do not like you? Do you currently have to deal with coworkers that dislike you? 



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