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Tips on Growing Your Side Business while you Work from Home

February 5, 2021

So I wasn’t initially happy to work from home. I love the interaction and the job culture at my current finance tech job a lot. It’s probably one of the best work environments I’ve ever been apart of. However, after a few weeks working from home, I noticed a few things I could do for my side business during this time.

My current endeavors are my blogs, this one and Just Kari On, my blog writing and social media KarieCo, and my jewelry and design business Mikari Designs.

For this post, Mikari Designs is the one I am referring too. I’m big on work ethic, so I don’t use company time to do my own personal things. Here’s what I did that I couldn’t do before:

  1. Commute Time: I used the time I would usually commute to work on it. At first, once I was working from home, I slept until 30-40 minutes before work. (Work starts at 9). Now I get up at 6:30/7 am like I usually did before and do some work on Mikari Designs. I either added more details to plans, designed jewelry, or planned social media before I get up and ready to work from home. I also don’t have to get out of bed to do any of this, which is a plus. I also use my commute time to get home to make jewelry. This total time is 3.5 hours of my day and sometimes more. (I commute from Staten Island NY to Manhattan NY)
  2. Lunch Time: Usually at work I have lunch, then socialize. Now I have lunch (usually 20 minutes) and utilize the other 40 minutes working on my side hustle.
  3. Visual Motivation: One of the other things is was constantly seeing either my supplies or made jewelry around kept me motivated.

Is there anything you’ve been able to do for your side hustle since working from home?

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