Technical Support Services

I offer support in a wide range of basic remote technical support services and solutions

  • Mobile Device Support
  • Desktop and Laptop Support
  • Basic Network Connectivity
  • General Technical How-to’s

Common Mobile and Computer Support Questions

  1. How do I update my laptop?
  2. How do I update this application?
  3. What is a backup?
  4. How do I send emails on this thing?
  5. How do I reset my password?
  6. How do I delete this app?
  7. How do I set up this email?

Common Connectivity and Networking Questions

  1. How do I get my printer to work?
  2. My device won’t connect to wifi!
  3. How do I change my wifi password?
  4. What does this cable do?
  5. How do I connect my tablet to my television?


Simple ServicesComplex Services
1st hour: $20, $ and $15/hour after the first1st hour: $25, $ and $20/hour after the first

Tips are greatly appreciated!

Once you’ve stated your problem, or issues I will tell you the pricing tier and why.

Tech Services on Fiverr

I offer more advanced services on Fiverr.

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Please feel free to view my Linkedin in the upper right for my resume and qualifications. Everything is done remotely. However, I am located in Manhattan and may be available for an onsite visit depending on your location. If you’d like something done onsite or not listed here or would just like to make an inquiry please feel free to email or contact me on any of my social media channels for assistance.