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Hello! Nice of you to drop by. I am Kariette, the Blogger behind Another Tech Lady.

Previously I worked as a Technical Support Analyst at a small IT company and as an IT Service Manager. I also worked in a start-up Tech Support company as the Director of Operations.

I am now an Information Technology Associate, at an accounting firm in NYC, doing various IT projects, and providing end-user support.

I also own a handmade jewelry business Mikari Designs LLC, I use this blog and another blog Just Kari On as sources of income, and I provide various freelancing services such as blog writing and social media management.

I grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called Antigua, moved to New York at 17, and lived there for over 10 years. I now live in Wisconsin.

About this Blog

There’s a lot I have learned and continue to learn in technology, my career, and business ventures.

This blog includes Technology and Career, Entrepreneurial Tips, Advice, Motivation, and Empowerment for Lady Bosses.

The technology tips and advice on this blog are not a knowledge base for tech experts. Throughout my career and networking with other entrepreneurs who aren’t tech-savvy, they’ve expressed just wanting to know how to do simple functions. This is why I initially created this blog. I have since expanded to include other topics on questions that have been asked in my networking groups about entrepreneurship and careers.

August 23, 2017