Should Parents Influence Their Children to Start a Business?

I was initially writing this for an Instagram Post Slide but it’s long so I decided I’ll do a blog post instead. I was asked how my parents felt about me just doing my own thing (deciding to work for myself), and how they felt that they paid for me to have a degree in one thing (Criminal Justice) and I only worked in that field for a year.

So I got into a whole lot of thinking about my parents and how different they are from my friends’ parents. Also this is not an attack on anyone’s parents or parenting style, just an observation and thoughts from my life experiences.

When talking to other parents, specifically my friends’ parents about what they want for their children, I noticed they all had one thing in common which is working for someone else, and getting a steady job.

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For me, at first I was a bit jealous because my parents aren’t like that. They never influenced me to just “get a job”. A part of me felt like maybe my parents aren’t strict enough and too laid back.

I have literally changed my career choices a billion times and my mother was never upset. I remember being about 9 and I said I wanted to be a Fashion Designer, I drew a bunch of outfit designs, (which my mother made for me throughout the years) have a portfolio I put together, then at 12/13, I got a digital camera and I was so excited to see the pictures before they were developed. I changed my mind and said I wanted to be a photographer and I told my mom. She responded “You do know you can be both” 

What! My actual reaction. She even explained how it could be possible and explained that I don’t have to stick to one thing I can do a combination. 

Second Instagram Slide (My Parent are Antiguan btw, and this is not a Caribbean vs American parent comparison type of post either)

Again! Not coming for anyone’s parents, but I’ve learned parents teach you based on their life experiences and feelings.

My dad owns a business, vacations a lot and is never waiting to be paid or hoping he’ll be paid his worth.  My mom has her own business too and they have always influenced me to start a business, but they also let me know I have to prepare to be uncomfortable, and there will be struggles.

Perhaps if my parents didn’t enjoy working for themselves they would have probably pushed me to to get a job.

When I have listened to my friends in college, past coworkers and ex boyfriends parents talk to them or what they want for them; they unanimously tend to say they just want them to have a steady job. With no emphasis on entrepreneurship.

To answer the initial questions if I haven’t already. No my parents aren’t upset I didn’t stay in the Criminal Justice field. I’ve worked in IT for almost 4 years now with no formal education. Leaving for college, learning to be on my own, independent, responsible and happy with my life is what they paid for. As for my aspirations to start their own business, they are proud.

Do you think parents should influence their kids to start their own businesses?

Did your parents influence you to get a job or start a business?

Do you think parents influence their children to get jobs because that’s what they did or what they deem “safe”?



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