6 Signs Your Phone May Be Hacked

Recently I have been seeing a few people posting that they suspected that their phones might have been hacked. Which prompted me to write this post.

6 Signs Your Phone May Be Hacked:

  1. Apps are installed that you didn’t install.
  2. Your phone is getting random pop-ups, that hasn’t happened before.
  3. Apps that usually work fine are now crashing. However check to see if any recent updates have been applied to that app to rule out that cause.
  4. Your data is much slower, or you can see that your data usage is higher than normal.
  5. Your device sends and receives strange text messages. These may not be visible on your phone, but you’ll see them on your phone bill records.
  6. Your device is hotter and the battery dies faster.

If you suspect your device is hacked there are a number of steps you can take, however I definitely suggest doing a factory reset. Hopefully you have followed my advice on backing up your mobile device. 



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