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10 Tech Support Girl Reactions Based on Customer Types

September 8, 2017
  1. The expert customer who called and claimed they went through ALL the troubleshooting already. Refuses to reboot, check cables or do anything because they did already. Also their computer up time shows they haven’t rebooted in about 17 days.
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  2. The angry customer that refuses to explain their issue. They are angry that “it” isn’t working.  

  3. The confused customer that isn’t sure what’s broken (if anything). They called because they right-clicked unknowingly.  

  4. The mistaken customer; (also angry) blames you for something that’s not your fault, then realizes later, but doesn’t apologize. (Like the internet going out because they haven’t paid their bill)  

  5. The praising customer; praises you before you even start working. 

  6. The English is their first language but grammar, complete and clear sentences aren’t their friends. 

  7. The conspiracy theorist, my security is comprised caller. Don’t ask them any questions. they will talk your ears off while their computer reboots. 

  8. The “this very urgent but puts you on a long hold customer”.  

  9. The self-absorbed braggy customer, they spend the entire time talking about their weekend, summer houses and trips without you asking anything.  

  10. The sales person; this is not a customer but they pretend to be and try to sell you something.  

Bonus: The one who thinks you’re a receptionist just because you are a female and asks for a guy. 



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