How To Cure Your Hangover in Time for Work


If you have coworkers and friends like mine that “one drink rule” is a unicorn, a myth, heard of but never experienced. Also happy our wasn’t created to have just one drink. But after the fun and making memories here comes the hangover. There are all these tricks about spacing out drinks, only drinking one type of liquor and so on but who has time to remember that when you’re making these great memories with awesome people. You don’t have to suffer the consequences.  I am going to tell you how to avoid a hangover that and go to work or any important event you may have the next morning fully cured and sharp! 

You can do a bunch of different time consuming and pricey things to cure your hangover that may or may not work such as:

  • Drinking more alcohol the next morning. I have tried this and it did not work at all.
  • Greasy, Fatty Breakfast. This also never worked for me and after eating I would feel sluggish and sleepy. Throwing up is also inevitable.
  • Alka-Seltzer. I personally hate the taste of Alka-seltzer, the aspirin and critic acid also upsets my stomach and makes me feel worse and again throwing up is also inevitable. 
  • Eating pasta before bed. 😐
  • Drink lots of coffee in the morning. Well hello dehydration.
  • Take pain killers before bed. Sure alcohol and pain killers? Say bye bye liver! 
  • Drink tons of coffee. Ha! This makes matters worse! 

You can do all the above, and still be hungover or follow these THREE easy steps to cure your hangover. 

  1. Drink Morning Recoverybefore going to bed. You can actually stop here but the other two are recommended.
  2. Drink Water. You don’t have to drink a lot of water before bed and have an accident while sleeping. Just a reasonable amount like 6-8 ounces. Then the next morning continue drinking the recommended daily intake of water. 
  3. Eat Breakfast. Enjoy some eggs, cereal, bagel, toast, croissant, fruit (I do suggest potassium rich foods you may already have like banana and kiwi) 

So enjoy hanging out with your friends, date nights and life! Don’t let worrying about a hangover get in the way.

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