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Set Different Volume Levels For Each App on Your Samsung Phone

So I was playing a game and got addicted to it. However after I edited the volume settings and muted all sounds there was still music playing whenever I started playing the game. It was annoying but I was addicted to the game and determined to find a way to stop the sound. 

I started downloading and trying many apps to control the sound on my Samsung phone, nothing worked how I’d want it to, unless I paid for it or dealt with the annoying ads. Eventually I stumbled upon the perfect app, free and no stupid apps. 

It’s called SoundAssistant. I am not being compensated in any way to promote this app I am sharing this due to my frustration. I searched all over the web for volume control this never came up. I downloaded crappy and buggy apps that never did the job. 

Sound Assistant is by Samsung and it works seamlessly. With prior apps I downloaded I had to change settings in my phone, hold my breath for 37 seconds and spin in my chair with this it’s a simple, download, configure and it works. 

This apps does a few things other than controlling the volume of apps individually;

  • you can also set time of day sound settings using “Scenarios”. 
  • You can have apps play sound at the same time
  • You can set mono audio when you’re listening to music in one ear and much more.

So if you need more control over your phone volume, don’t download a bunch of buggy apps, download Sound Assistant by Samsung.



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