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Tech Girl Valentine

So I have been asked what would a tech girl like for Valentines well other than the usual things any other girl would like such as flowers, chocolate and pizza. Since Valentines day falls on a work day; here’s my list of what I would like: 

  1. Not having to ask someone if they unplugged the cable, whether it’s ethernet, power or display related and then that being the actual cause of their problem.
  2. Not having to decrypt ransomware
  3. Not being forwarded an extremely obvious spam email being asked if it’s spam. 
  4. Chocolate and/or pizza instead of Thank yous. 
  5. Some Wine and Whiskey would be great too. 
  6. Did I mention not opening email attachments from people you don’t know? Yea do that. 
  7. Free fast Wi-Fi for everyone everywhere
  8. Sephora, Amazon, and any food related gift card!

Hope my Valentine’s wish list humored you. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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