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Free or Affordable Storage and Backup Solutions

January 28, 2017

As you know backing up your computer and also storing your files is key. We need to protect ourselves from viruses, as well as being able to get to our files when our devices are damaged. But it can be pricey and some solutions are just complicated! Well here are a few free or low-priced simple ways to store and backup your files. 

I have not been paid in any way to promote any of these companies. This is simply to inform you. 

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Things in the cloud! – First for me anything that costs the price of Netflix or less is deemed affordable. Especially when it comes to safeguarding your important files esp. pictures. 

  • DropboxDropbox is used to store almost all file types, apps, photos, docs, spreadsheets, etc. They also offer the ability to collaborate with others and share files with simple links. Need to send a large file or app? Dropbox is great for that, emails have file size limits and some email servers block executable files, with Dropbox you can forget the hassle. Dropbox has different plans. Dropbox Basic which is free and you can also earn storage space if you follow them on social media and share it with others. Dropbox Pro provides 1TB of Data! That’s a lot of space for the average person and currently costs $99/year or $9.99/billed monthly. Find out more about Dropbox.
  • Google Photos Though it’s google it works for both Android and Apple Devices and even PCs. Google Photos backs up photos and videos, has automatic backups, and features to free up space on your devices. Check out Google Photos.  
  • Google DriveWith Google drive you can  store all file types. You get 15GB of free storage; and it is also linked to your Google Photos if you use the same account. With Google Drive however just for $1.99/monthly you can get 100 GB. This is pretty reasonable for people who have less than 100 GB of stuff and more than 15 GB. Why pay $9.99 for a TB of space that you’ll probably never use? 
  • OneDriveOneDrive is available across mostplatforms. Like Dropbox you can upload all file types. With OneDrive you get 5GB of free storage as well as the ability to earn more storage. You can also collaborate with others. There are premium plans available, with up to 5 TB as well as Microsoft Office software. Check out OneDrive.  
  • LiveDrive – This I personally use for backups on my PC. It also works for Mac as well. You can view your files anywhere. LiveDrive starts from $8/month. They have different plans – Check out LiveDrive 
  • CarboniteI have not personally used Carbonite but I have clients who use it for backing up their computers. I have set it up on their PC and also restore their files. Those processes were simple. Carbonite is available for as little as $5/monthly with unlimited storage for one computer. Check out Carbonite 
  • IDriveSame as Carbonite I do not personally use it but my clients do. I drive is available across most platforms. Their free plan offers 5GB, then 1 TB is $52 for the first year. Check out IDrive.
Other non-cloud based back up options:
If you need advice purchasing an external drive ask your I.T professional or feel free to contact me via social media or email.


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