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Tips for Buying a New Mobile Phone

October 15, 2016

Some people tend to buy based on what the brand is and then they are fine with it. I do too; I’ve stuck with one brand for like the last 5-6 years. People always tend to ask me if they should get an iPhone or an android phone. There is never an answer until I know what you’re looking for and your tech expertise.

  1. Pricing – if you’re staying with the same carrier find out if you can trade in your phone, or if you’re eligible for an upgrade. If you are getting a new carrier check out the coverage and data speeds and the offers they give new customers on phones and take advantage of that. You can have a great phone but with horrible coverage it will suck!. Also Pay attention to the contracts and remember that there are no contract plans available.
  2. If you want a phone that is easy to use overall and that’s you main priority; I always recommend getting an iPhone.
  3. Overall phone size – I have bought phones and it couldn’t fit in one hand. It was dropped constantly and had to be replaced often, So try to go for something 4-5 inches or less if you are a one hand phone user.
  4. Camera! In a Social Media, capture everything world camera’s are highly important. Don’t focus on megapixels too much. Pay attention to the specs get a phone with larger micron pixels, wider aperture(let’s in more light); pictures will appear brighter, sharper and look better in low light by comparison. You may also won’t to focus on how well a phone can zoom in without distorting the image. Visit a phone store with phones out for trying and test the camera rigorously. 
  5. Battery Life – You need a phone with an endurable battery; before we’d purchase an extra battery and be fine – but recent phones have built in batteries now so we really have to pay attention. Go for a phone with more than 3,000 mAh battery, read reviews and ask around.
  6. For the game players and people who need a fast phone when you purchase an android phone bay attention the the RAM; 3GB+ , A snapdragon 600 series processor or higher would be ideal. Check out what processor your preferred android phone might have here. Recent iPhone devices come with an A10 chip; which are speedy. 
  7. Storage: For phone’s with no expandable storage; I suggest getting a phone with over 32 GBs of storage. Anything less like 16 GB probably won’t do, once you start downloading apps, taking pictures and shooting videos. 
  8. Other features you may want to pay attention to; are what the phone is made of, if it is rubberized, waterproof and rugged. 

If there are any unanswered questions please feel free to ask.  

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