10 Hairstyle Ideas for Tech Ladies

So working in tech my hair is not required to be in a pony tail, or any specific way really, however it does get in the way when working… When I say my hair 7/10 I really mean my extensions by the way. 

So instead of just putting my hair in a regular ponytail I try to find more creative ways to rock my ponytails and other styles that keep my hair out my face and attaching itself to the equipment more importantly…

Quick Story – In this picture my hair got caught in a computer fan – this was probably my 2nd month at work in early 2014. 

Here are some ponytail, up-dos and hairstyle ideas that are great for keeping your hair out the way. 

  1. The Triple Braid   – Source
  2. Space BunsSource
  3. Natural Hair Twist PonytailSource
  4. Perfect Curl BunSource

5. Back Braid Up-doSource

6. Easy Goddess BraidsSource

7. Curly Braided Top KnotSource

8. Easy Protective StyleSource

9. Ponytail with ExtensionsSource

10. Perfect PonySource

Here’s a Bonus – Pigtails Without a Part – This works great if you have in extensions. –Source

End of Post! 

Quick Update on Me – If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see that I changed jobs. I still work in technology; long story short. I’m a Manager now!  



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