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Cosmetics to Maintain Your Tech Products?

November 9, 2016

You are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about. Well I am going to show you FIVE quick tips on  how to use things you already have to clean and maintain your technology devices.

  1. Fix Scuffs and Scratches: Does your phone or laptop have a scratch or scuff on the outer case – Try fixing it with nail polish of the same color. I would suggest not doing this on rubberized, glass, high glossed, grooved surfaces or large areas. 
  2. Cleaning Large Areas: Use a clean beauty sponge to clean the outside of your laptop; use one part dish soap or castile soap and 5 parts water and mix, dip your beauty sponge in, wring the sponge out as much as possible, and gently and carefully wipe the outer case of your laptop or tablet avoid the ports, jacks, vents, etc.
  3. Cleaning Small Areas: Use Q-Tips to clean small places on your devices – avoid ports, jacks, vents, etc.
  4. Cleaning Screens: Use a beauty sponge again – This time use water only, wring it completely dry and gently wipe the screen.
  5. Dusting: Use a large powder brush and lightly dust your laptop or tablet. For cleaning in between your keyboard and cleaning with more detail I suggest using a small vacuum.


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