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Business Insider

March 25, 2018

Business Insider is a segment featuring businesses owned by women.

My blog and social media accounts have an audience of over 67% women and aspiring entrepreneurs.

With Business Insider, companies are able to promote and showcase their business to potential customers and gain exposure while giving some advice and motivation to other entrepreneurs.


  • Owned by a woman, solely or co-ownership.


  1. Use this Contact Form to Submit a Request.
  2. Fill Out Interview and Questionnaire Form
  3. Provide High-Resolution Photos, Links to Your Website and Social Media
  4. Choose from the available time slots to be featured. Your blog post will be posted on this day and your ad will run for 60 days from this day.
  5. Pay a Non-Negotiable/Non-Refundable $15 USD fee. If you do not wish to fill out the questionnaire section and only do a piece about your business the fee is $20 USD.

Complimentary: Provide a 250×250 picture ad. This will remain active on this website for 60 days.

However, it will be on rotation with other Business Insider Ads.

If you are interested please fill out the contact form below to receive a questionnaire

A feature on Business Insider does not guarantee leads, customers or business partnerships. All posts would be amplified across my social media platforms. Posts are active and available for the lifetime of this blog. Read More

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