5 Dying Professions Due to Technology You Should Avoid

There are a number of things we used to do in person, that now leaving home, getting dressed or even making a phone call to a person to do them is unheard of. Well, the people providing these services or in these careers now find themselves in a dying profession. 

Dying Professions Due to Technology You Should Avoid

  1. Travel Agent. There are a number of online travel booking sites. They offer Flights, hotels, car rentals, and even activity packages.  airlines are also all online with easy to use customer sites for purchasing tickets and vacation packages. 
  2. Bookkeeper. Thanks to artificial intelligence who needs a bookkeeper? 
  3. Broadcasters. One in 10 of the nation’s 33,202 radio and television announcers are expected to see their jobs disappear by 2026. Consolidation in the industry, as well as increased use of syndicated content, is fueling the decline. There’s also the explosion of streaming music services. More and more listeners prefer that over their local, DJ. via Work and Money
  4. Financial Planners. With the rise of financial planning software, apps and robot advisors the need for carving out time, printing out bank and credit card statements is now obsolete. 
  5. Door-To-Door Salespeople. First of all, we’re scared to answer or open our doors to strangers for the most part. However, we all use the internet and are served ads everywhere, whether its visiting websites or using mobile apps. So the need to send someone to your door is not needed when targeted ads can be served directly to you.


Are there any other careers you think are dying due to technology? Have you been demoted or let go from a job due to the use of machines or technology? Do you think any of these professions will even make a comeback in the future? Thank you for reading “Dying Professions Due to Technology You Should Avoid” Please feel free to share your thoughts on this post. 



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