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6 Ways to Monetize Your Blog

February 28, 2019

Apart from working in tech and my multiple other side businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors… One of them is blogging which is obvious because this is a blog, But I do run another blog Just Kari On. This blog is monetized in many ways. I will share these with you.

Six Ways to Monetize Your Blog

  1. Paid Reviews. You can join influencer programs or reach out to companies directly. I use Intellifluence the most. With this you can apply to brands you like, try their products and provide reviews to your readers. It’s important to stay true to your niche though
  2. Monetized Platforms. YouTube is a monetized platform if you meet their requirements, another now popular one is TopBuzz. They monetize both videos and articles, you do have to do anything really except post on their platform. They guide you on how to get traffic as well. So no worries if you don’t post videos.
  3. Affiliate Links. You can place in text links in your posts, and earn money. Money earned is usually commission based when someone purchases something. There are many to chose from, my main one is Shareasale.
  4. Affiliate Banners. There are much like affiliate links except they include banners and pictures.
  5. PayPerClick Advertising. One of the most common models of internet advertising. This means an advertiser will pay you once someone clicks on their ad. Unlike affiliate ads where they have to buy in order for you to receive a commission.
  6. Sell Ad Space. You can directly let it be known that you are selling ad space. Create your own pricing scheme, etc. be sure to share your page stats with potential buyers so they know the value of your blog.

Do you blog? Do you plan to start blogging? How do you monetize you blog or plan too? Want more blogging tips? Let me know!

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